Turning the gaming industry data-driven

Bridging the gap between gaming organizations and their fans

Unlock the Full Potential of Fan Data

Galaxies is the platform where gamers forge their identity, while organizations understand, engage and monetize their fans.

Galaxies is Not a Boring CRM. It's a FRM


Several tools for monetizing your fanbase such as membership, ecommerce and courses.


Whether you're a player, a team, or a brand, our community feature is your gateway to building lasting relationships.

Exclusive Content

Upload and manage personalized and assertive content for members.


Organize tournaments from beginning to end.

The Future of Fan Engagement

Galaxies is a platform to log in everyday! The fan experience is designed to foster meaningful connections and engagement.

We’re not just talking about interaction; we’re talking about immersion.

Gamer Identity

Challenges and Rewards

Gamified Experience

Forms and Surveys


Galaxies' Projects

Liberty eSports

Using our FRM tools, we are strengthening the relationship with fans and generating data and strategic insights for new decision making.


Galaxies takes the university gaming scene seriously, in just a few months, we created 2 editions of LUG, the university league with a professional structure and the biggest prize pool in Brazil

Galaxies Content HUB

Galaxies has proprietary production center and creates content in partnership with the biggest gaming creators on the internet

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